Tetley South Pole Mission

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January 4, 2004 - Ice Field, ANTARCTICA; SIMON MURRAY and 
PEN HADOW, British explorers on the Tetley South Pole Mission. 
British businessman Simon Murray (63) and ground-breaking 
explorer Pen Hadow (41) set off to make, without any support , 
the 680 mile journey from Hercules Inlet on the continental edge 
of Antarctica to the South Geographic Pole. Simon is set to be 
the oldest person to make this journey to the South Pole. On 
January 4th, Hadow and Murray passed the 85 degree position, 
confirming that they are now past the half-way stage of their trek. 
They hope to arrive at the South Pole by February 2nd, 2004.

Photography by: 
Ω Martin Hartley/eyevine/ZUMAPRESS.com


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