Planet Earth's Most Violent Volcano -TUNGURAHUA - The Black Giant

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Aug 03, 2007 - Guadalupe, Ecuador - Tungurahua is an active stratovolcano also known as the 'The Black Giant.' It has a 600 ft. (183 m) wide crater. Most of the volcano is covered by snow. Its causes many tremors in the nearby city of Banos. Tungurahua's lava is mostly composed of basalts. Tungurahua has had at least seventeen eruptions in historical times, its last one before this week was in 1944 when it erupted explosively from its central crater. Located about 25 miles west of Tungurahua is the largest volcano in Equador, Chimborazo and to the north about 50 miles is Cotopaxi volcano.


Photographer: © Instituto Geofisico de la Polit’©cnica Nacional /

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