Eddie Would Go

LOCAL BOY DOES GOOD: January 22, 2023, North Shore, Hawaii, USA: North shore local lifeguard and big wave surfer LUKE SHEPARDSON, 27, in action during the Eddie Big Wave Invitational at Waimea Bay. Oahu native Shepardson, Luke Shepardson clinches 'Eddie' win in front of 50,000 spectators at Waimea Bay. For 'Eddie' spectators, big waves and big-wave surfers put on 'wild show'. Luke is 10th winner of The Eddie, the premier Event in the sport of Surfing - The Super Bowl of Surfing. The 34th Eddie Big Wave Invitational celebrates the current lineage of big wave surfers, as well as the ones that came before. The legend of Eddie Aikau is an important part of Hawaiian Culture. Eddie Aikau was a championship athlete, a waterman, and a family man who truly cared for others. Eddie was not just the 1st lifeguard at Waimea Bay; he was the 1st lifeguard for the entire North Shore, and saved over 500 people throughout his career. Eddie would brave the waves that often reached 30 feet or more, when no one else would go out. It's important to keep his legacy alive and inspire the next generation to live like Eddie did.


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